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Flourdelis Cookies Order Form

We appreciate your interest in Flourdelis Cookies!  Here is how our process works!

Fill out the form below to request the day you need to Pick up your cookie order.  IF the date you need is full we will let you know ASAP! 

After we receive this form, you will be emailed an invoice as soon as possible(Sometimes a few days)

  Payment must be received a week before you

need to pickup your cookies. 

 IF we accept a last minute order (less than a week notice)

payment is due the day the invoice is sent.

  If payment is not received by due date our system will void the invoice and your order will be cancelled


Once you have active invoice your order is CONFIRMED! 

Pickup Information will go out a few days before scheduled pickup.

We have waived all deposits for now but if we have

an influx of non paying orders we will have to restart collecting deposits.


If you have any questions PLEASE Email Us or Find us on Facebook and we will be happy to answer any questions.

If you need to review our current pricelist, you can click this Link

What are you interested in ordering?
Add-ons Available
Metallic Gold Accents
Metallic Silver Accent
Metallic Rose Gold Accents
Best time for you to pickup?
6:30pm Friday Evening In West Houma
10am Saturday Morning in Houma
6:00pm Friday in East Houma
9:30am Saturday In East Houma
Other: Lunchtime or after 4pm Friday in Thibodaux

This form will be sent to us and after we review it we may have additional questions about your Cookie design.  If so, we will contact you to consult with you further.  If not then you will receive your active invoice.


Please let us know if you have any questions during this process,

we are always willing to help!

(We know this is the hardest part sometimes) 

We will be happy to make suggests or look for examples of our work or others for inspiration! 

 You can email us or message us on Facebook!

Please only fill out this form ONCE unless we ask you to resubmit.

Sometime we fall behind on paperwork, we are working hard so you get it as soon as possible. 

 Thank you for your patience.

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